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Sharper Faster

Warthog Blade Sharpeners was started with the simple aim of creating a better knife sharpener.

We wanted to give people the ability to sharpen their knives to a professional level without having to send them to an expert. We began operating in 1999 and have been manufacturing and exporting our patented high quality diamond knife sharpeners for more than 20 years.

Sharpening a blade correctly, in a way that preserves the edge for years is a skill that has largely remained with expert craftsmen. It is from the expert knowledge of these craftsmen that Warthog has based the design of its patented sharpeners. Most home systems use a clamping device to hold the blade to maintain a constant angle. But this is unwieldy and time consuming.

We saw there was nothing on the market that sharpened blades expertly and quickly while still being easy to use. We put our heads together and, in 2000, we designed and manufactured the first V-Sharp™ (now called the “V-Sharp Classic™”).

Success Through Quality

The Classic was everything that you wanted in a knife sharpener; quick, accurate, versatile, and performed excellently. It was extremely popular wherever it was introduced, and we soon found that we could never produce enough to meet the demand; especially after we started exporting to the U.S.A.

We put our heads down again and produced the V-Sharp Xtreme Edge, a high-quality sharpener in a smaller and more affordable package. The Xtreme Edge™ is designed to give you the perfect knife edge without wasting time or damaging your knife. Most “instant” sharpeners can damage your blades and shave metal off the length of the edge. The Xtreme Edge gives professional sharpening performance by using diamonds to hone diagonally across the edge at a constant angle.

The Xtreme Edge is small, portable, and corrosion resistant, outdoorsmen have all found it to be the perfect companion tool. It’s also ideal for home and general use so has become popular over a large spectrum of the sharpening market.

In 2010 our V-Sharp Classic was redesigned to facilitate larger manufacturing volumes, and to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Re-launched as the V-Sharp Classic II, this sharpener, with its heavy-duty metal frame and extreme functionality, quickly became our flag ship product for over 15 years. The various colors are achieved by powder coating for a durable beautiful finish that looks great in the kitchen.

The Classic II uses a quick-change hones that allow you to change angles and grit size easily. Equipped with 2 hones, each with a diamond on one side and steel on the other. This feature allows the user to grind the blade edge with the diamonds, then quickly change to the steel hones to get a razor edge. Both sides are sharpened at one time.

Then again in 2022 we made a change that allows the user to use a fourth angle, so the V-Sharp A4 now allows the user to sharpen at 15, 20, 25, and 30 degrees.

The A4 is quickly becoming popular. It really shines in the kitchen with 4 colors and the 15 degree angle for the thinnest of blades.

About Warthog Workers

Factory Location

The Warthog factory is located on the beautiful Garden Route in George, South Africa. It occupies a 1000m2 factory employing 25 workers with modern machinery and equipment.

Warthog USA Inc.

Warthog USA is the importer and distributor for all North America. We pack and ship daily and can accommodate large orders on short notice. There are now thousands of retail stores that stock Warthog Sharpeners, these locations vary in their styles. Hardware, Farm & Ranch, Outdoor shops, Kitchen outlets, and Hunting/Fishing stores all find that their customers need a good sharpener.

We think our sharpeners belong in every home.

We are represented in all 50 states and Canada by these retail locations.