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V-Sharp XE Stones (pair)


V-Sharp XE Xtra Rods

The double sided Xtreme Edge stones come in 5 configurations. The first 4 (Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine) are diamond stone on one side and a honing steel on the other. The latter configuration has a diamond stone on both sides at different grits.

  • 270 Grit – Extra Coarse / Honing Steel
  • 325 Grit – Coarse / Honing Steel
  • 600 Grit – Medium / Honing Steel
  • 1000 Grit – Fine / Honing Steel
  • 600 Grit – Medium / 1000 Grit – Fine

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8 reviews for V-Sharp XE Stones (pair)

  1. Hal Kuempel

    Just ordering for first time

    • david

      Thanks hope you enjoy. See our website for video instructions.

  2. robert w jacobi


  3. robert w jacobi


  4. Nels A Jacobson

    I purchased the original V Sharp way back in roughly mid 2006 at a gun show in Las Vegas at Cashman Field. Why am I being so specific? They say that when significant events happen in your life you remember where you were. Dates are not my strongest suit. That said, I have purchased and used probably 20-30 different sharpening systems since then and because I own somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 knives that require different levels of care I use them all. Because I have numerous knives that I consider to be daily users or regular use knives I come back to this sharpener so often that the only time it’s in its wonderfully made carry case is when I need to take it somewhere else outside of the home. I give it high marks to say the least. Honestly if I could justify the cost I would purchase the 600/1000 grit set but because I have so many others I can’t seriously look myself in the mirror knowing that I have many other options to fit my needs. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t use them if I had them to be absolutely sure! It just means what I said. If you are on the fence about this sharpener, get off of it and do yourself a favor by getting one of these systems. You will not regret it in my opinion.

    • david

      Thank you for the comments and your support. 2000 knives! THAT IS INCREDIBLE! If you are ever at the Blade Show please come see us.

  5. Mickey Allen


  6. Gary Turner

    How can I tell what configuration of the stones that I have for my Xtreme Edge. One side is obviously honing steel but I can’t tell what the grit is on the otherside. However, there is a red mark on the botton of each stone. I want to order some more stones and want to make sure I don’t order the same. Thanks.

    • david

      The red indicates it’s a coarse stone 325 grit, medium 600 grit is green and fine 1000 grit is blue.

  7. Darrell kearley

    Great sharper

  8. Randy W Scott

    I like my new Warthog Sharpener and have recommended it to friends. One question though….the different grits of coarseness are color coded. It’s a little hard to tell 600 grit from 1000 for me. I think I got it but can you confirm blue is fine (1000) and green is medium (600)?

    • david

      That is correct. Thank you for using and recommending us!

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