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Experience the Best Knife Sharpener You’ll Ever Use

Warthog Sharpeners’ patented sharpening system outshines all others in precision sharpening and consistent professional results.

Have you found yourself trying sharpener after sharpener only to be continually frustrated with the results? Obtaining a sharp edge without damaging your knife shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. Yet, traditional sharpening systems are either complex, risk damage to your blade, or simply don’t get the job done.

We understand because we experienced the same frustration. That’s when Warthog Blade Sharpeners decided to do something about it.

Innovative Design Rooted in Customer-Focused Research

When Warthog began research to develop the best knife sharpener, we considered the sharpening issues people were facing, such as:

  • Consuming setups
  • Lack of consistent angle between blade and sharpener
  • No ability to hone the edge without damaging the rest of the knife
  • Complicated Steps
  • Affordability

There had to be a better way to sharpen knives in a timely manner, conveniently, and with consistent professional results every time. Warthog Sharpeners was born.

The Warthog Difference

The need was clear: a simple knife sharpening system that could keep a constant angle between the blade and the sharpener without using a clamp, time-consuming set-up, or damage to the other blade components.

Our patented design does just that. Lightweight and easy to use, our sharpeners provide the same fine edge every time without complex set-up or the damage you’ve come to expect from most other sharpener systems.

A Knife Sharpener for Every Need

Knives aren’t just for the kitchen. There are almost as many ways to use knives as there are types of knives. That’s why we custom-designed our sharpeners to fit a variety of knives for a multitude of purposes. Whether you need a sharp blade as a chef in an upscale restaurant or for various outdoor tasks at the campsite, we’ve got you covered.

Choose the sharpener that best fits your unique needs.

  • A4 – Our newest model that uses our best metal frame and sharpens down to a 15 degree edge for that discerning chef and knife enthusiast. Uses both diamond and steel hones for a perfect edge.
  • Classic II – The Classic II continues to be a best seller for use at home, work, or camp. It has three angle options and is an excellent choice for routine sharpening.
  • /product/curve/ – The Curve is well known for its lightweight design (6 ounces), making it convenient and portable for a perfect 25-degree angle every time.
  • Xtreme Edge – This sharpener has it all and goes wherever you go. It has four angle options and is rust-resistant, durable, and lightweight.

Accepting the best of the worst sharpeners is a thing of the past. You can get consistent professional results with the best of the best knife sharpeners ever made.

Let Your Talents Shine

Your knives are an extension of you and are designed to allow your talents to shine. That’s one of the many reasons people invest in quality knives. However, a dull or damaged blade can dim even the best talent.

Don’t risk your reputation or knives on outdated sharpening methods. When the quality of your work is on the line, only the best will do. Warthog puts the power of professional knife sharpening in your hands so you can ensure every aspect of your project is completed to perfection.

Thousands of Happy Customers Agree

Check out our testimonials to see why thousands of happy Warthog customers are enjoying their knives again. For even more information or to purchase now, visit our website, check out our YouTube videos, or find us on Amazon.