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Stay Sharp While Fishing With Warthog Knife Sharpeners

Warthog protects your fishing knives with lightweight, versatile sharpeners that keep your blade ready for the big one.

A great all-purpose knife is a must-have whether fishing in a small pond or deep sea fishing. However, even the best knife does little good if it’s not cared for and sharpened regularly.

Before you make your first cast, make sure your fishing knives are sharp and ready to perform to prevent the catch of the day from being the one that got away.

When There’s No Opportunity for Do-Overs

There’s nothing worse than carting your fishing gear out to a pond or onto a boat only to realize that your all-purpose knife just doesn’t cut it. It’s either dull from previous fishing trips or damaged from inferior sharpeners. Even worse, you finally reel in that fish you’ve been chasing all day, and your filet knife tears it to pieces.

Some of the many problems with other fishing knife sharpeners include:

  • Inconsistent sharpening
  • Blade deterioration
  • Inconvenient and complex set-up
  • Lack of portability
  • Inability to withstand the elements

Warthog experienced the same frustrations and sought to do something about it. Never again will the lack of a sharp blade edge be the difference between a great day out fishing and an exercise in frustration. Warthog Sharpeners’ patented design eliminates your blade as a cause for an empty fish haul.

Why the Warthog Difference Matters to Your Fishing Success

When you’re out of the water, there’s no time for complicated fishing knife sharpener set-ups or worrying about keeping your sharpener dry. These are just a few of the problems Warthog considered when researching to create our innovative design.

The Warthog difference includes the following:

  • V-shaped design that sharpens both sides of the blade simultaneously
  • Calibrated spring tension for stability and consistency
  • Lightweight, durable design that can be used anywhere
  • Adjustable angles for the perfect edge every time
  • Damage-free ability to hone the edge and only the edge

Your fishing knives have a job to do. Keeping a sharp edge prevents damage to the blade from excessive force and allows your knives to work efficiently and effectively every time.

Versatile Fishing Knife Sharpeners Help You Share the Big Catch

No more talk of the one that got away. With a sharp edge, the proof of your fishing prowess is on the table. A perfectly fileted catch makes you the star of the show. Warthog has a sharpener for every fishing knife and a happy ending for every fish tale.

Warthog’s versatile line of fishing knife sharpeners includes:

  • V- Sharp A4 – 4 adjustable angles (15,20,25. & 30), 2 high quality diamond rods with steel hones, ceramic rods available, comes in 4 colors.
  • V-Sharp Classic II – 3 adjustable angles (20,25 & 30), 2 high-quality diamond rods, spring tension, and durable powder coating, come in 4 colors.
  • V-Sharp Curve – Easy to maintain 25-degree angle, 325 grit diamond rods, compact, easy to use, no adjustments needed.
  • V-Sharp Xtreme – 4 snap-in angle adjustments (17,20,25 & 30), super lightweight, adjustable spring tension, finishing steels, rust resistant. SALTWATER SAFE.

Warthog’s innovative design means our sharpeners go anywhere, provide a sharp, consistent edge every time for every blade type, and never damage your investment.

Don’t let the frustration of a dull blade ruin the joy of fishing. Take back your passion for a day out on the water. To learn more about our sharpeners, read testimonials from happy fishermen, or purchase today, view our website or find us on Amazon.