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High-Quality Knife Sharpening Kit

Warthog Sharpeners’ professional knife sharpening kit helps you get a sharp, accurate edge every time – without damaging your knife. While there are many knife sharpeners on the market, they all have the same problem. In sharpening the edge, they damage other parts of the knife. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a part of your favorite knife every time you sharpen it.

Tired of Damaging Your Knives to Get a Sharp Edge?

After years of experiencing the same frustrations with other knife sharpeners, Warthog Sharpeners decided to do something about it. Warthog Sharpeners’ knife sharpening kit is unlike any other sharpener. Our unique design sharpens and hones the blade edge and nothing else. You’ll never have to worry about damage to the edge itself or the transition area.

Don’t Risk the Dangers of a Poorly Sharpened Knife

A poorly sharpened knife blade is not just an aggravation. It can also lead to:

  • Wasted Time – A dull knife will make any cutting job more difficult and make you lose time and energy.
  • Safety Concerns – Dull knives require greater force, leading to less control and a greater risk of personal injury.
  • Presentation – A knife that isn’t sharp will tear rather than cut. A sharp knife will cut smoothly and showcase your talents.
  • Damaged Blade – Over time, continued use of a dull blade can cause irrevocable damage to your blade.

Treasure Your Favorite Knife for Years to Come

A good knife can be an investment, and a treasured heirloom is irreplaceable. Whether for the home, hunting or fishing, or in a professional kitchen, your knife can last for years to come – with the right knife sharpening kit.

With a variety of high-quality sharpener kit options, you can’t go wrong with whichever Warthog sharpener you choose.

V-Sharp A4

The A4 is our newest model designed on the proven metal frame of the Classic II, with the addition of a 15 degree angle. This allows you to sharpen even the most delicate blade to perfection. Uses the same hones as the Classic II.

V-Sharp Classic II

The Classic II is our well-loved best seller for use at home, work, or around the campsite. It features three adjustable angles: 20, 25, and 30, and can be used with either diamond or ceramic hones. Because they can be used interchangeably, this sharpener provides ultimate versatility.

V-Sharp Curve

The Curve’s unique design maintains a perfect 25-degree angle throughout the entire blade. No adjustments are needed. Weighing only 6 ounces, the V-Sharp Curve is portable, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use.

V-Sharp Xtreme Edge

This sharpener does it all. Four snap-in angle adjustments allow for 17, 20, 25, or 30 degrees. As the world’s first adjustable, freehand, precision knife sharpener, your knife will be sharpened at a consistent angle each and every time. Its lightweight and rust-resistant design make it ideal whether in the kitchen at home or out on the boat.

Knife Sharpening Kit FAQs

  1. Do I have to spend a lot of money to get a decent knife sharpener? No. You don’t have to spend a lot on a quality knife sharpening kit, and certainly not with Warthog Sharpeners. Warthog Sharpeners combine quality, accuracy, and affordability. A quality knife sharpener will prolong your knife collection investment.
  2. How long should I sharpen my knives? Initially, sharpening a dull blade with Warthog sharpeners may require 30-40 strokes to create an edge. The fluid motion of our sharpeners makes this a quick and easy process. For final and touch-up sharpenings, 5-15 strokes on the steel hone should be sufficient.
  3. What is the best type of knife sharpener to use? Warthog Sharpener’s patented system solves the problem with most knife sharpeners – maintaining a constant angle between the blade and the sharpener without using a clamping device. The best knife sharpening is done by experts. Our sharpeners allow you to maintain a professional knife edge at home – just like the experts.

Warthog Sharpeners Make You the Expert

Your time and energy are valuable – and so is your reputation. Warthog Sharpeners gives you all 3 with quality sharpeners that position you as the expert. For more information, contact us or purchase today to experience the Warthog Sharpener difference.